(Photo Credit: Maureen)


“The Spanish city used to be great, full of fun and people enjoying themselves. It holds great memories for all, I used to go with my best friend Catherine to the funfair when we were young, later in life my mam and dad used to then take my children to the Spanish City as a day out for the rides and amusements, and now I go for a coffee on a sunny day to sit outside and enjoy the atmosphere and views. Catherine and I, we must have been about 17, would go to the Spanish city funfair all the time. My favourite ride was the waltzer, it was fast and exciting, there was also a ghost train that used to go around, that was scary! You could also buy candyfloss. The funfair was outdoors and inside the Dome used to be the dancehall. Catherine, her favourite ride was the dodgem cars.

There was one time when we went to the Spanish City that these two lads started talking to us and they asked if they could meet up with us again at the picture house on Westgate Road in Newcastle as that’s where they were from. We agreed at the time, but then as the time came closer we pretended that we were busy that day so we didn’t have to go, and we took the bus into Whitley Bay for another day at the Spanish City funfair.”