(Photo Credit: Phoebe)


"To the lighthouse,


I’ve always been to the lighthouse, since I was little. Its always been my home. It has forever been a thrilling emotion to me, as I run around the ginormous (what it looked like to me as a 6 year old girl) white tower.


This time though, as I’m older, it gave me a different feeling. It was a perfect spring night where the colour of deep, dusty orange, filled the dark blue sky. As I walked to the lighthouse, the surrounding blue lights clouded over my eyes as they shon up at the lighthouse, turning it from white to dusky blue. I remember suddenly stopping to take it all in, the natural and artificial colours contrasting against each other - it was beautiful. There was a slow, cool breeze gently pulling me in with splashes of sea wrapping itself around the permitter of the  lighthouse as I walked willingly to it." 


I will never forget that night, the night the lighthouse gave me a completely new feeling to the one I’ve known my whole life - serenity. This is my new home now."