'#PRESSPAUSE' is a call-to-action strategic PR campaign with Fashion Revolution, centered around the concept of #WHOMADEMYCLOTHES. With the conduction of investigatory research into grassroots attitudes amongst consumers aged 18-25 year olds, the objectives of the campaign needed to question buying habits, to change consumer mindset, to encourage grassroots action, and to create a long-term connection with the ethos of efficiency, resilience and creativity.







The idea was to treat fast fashion as a habit, something that seems impossible to stop, like smoking. Therefore, #PRESSPAUSE was a campaign that challenged people to stop buying fast fashion clothes for one month, with the hope that the reduced levels of buying clothes would be sustained longer term.







The campaign included an app and an activity book. The app would tell users how many days they are ‘fast fashion free’, their progress, a link to Fashion Revolution’s Facebook page, and their profile. The activity book was created for people to focus on themselves more than spending time looking for new clothes, it included activities, and ideas of things to do.


The campaign's strategic objectives were to:

  • Educate users on the negative impact that fast fashion has on the environment, the lives of garment workers, and where our clothes came from.
  • To develop long-term behavioral change
  • For users to spend less time looking for new clothes and more time for themselves


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    The University of Sussex in 2014 found that 72% of participants had sustained reduced levels of harmful drinking (drinking over recommended limits) 6 months after completing a month alcohol free.


    Movember has around 5 million participants who fundraise on its behalf globally during the month of Movember.


    According to GOVUK 2018:
    • 19% of smokers reported making a quit attempt
    • 43% of smokers agreed with the statement, 'I am confident I could give up smoking cigarettes if I tried'
    • 8% of smokers reported that they were still not smoking after 4 weeks


    From my research and findings, I think that the campaign #PRESSPAUSE will be highly successful in implementing longer-term behavioural change from the initial short term challenge of not buying from fast fashion for a month and to focus the time they would spend shopping doing other activities for themselves.




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